What is FluoroCycle?

FluoroCycle is a voluntary scheme that aims to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from the disposal of waste mercury-containing lighting. Lighting Council Australia is the Administrator of FluoroCycle, a program supported by the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water.

We are pleased to announce that Adapt Essential Services has been approved as a Signatory to the FluoroCycle scheme as a Facilitator in the category of Contractor.

Adapt has been recycling for many years now, By joining FluoroCycle we will provide awareness throughout our Industry and highlight to our Customers the importance of what environmental Impact Fluoro tubes has in landfill.

Our Commitment to the Scheme

As a Facilitator we are required to meet the following commitments to the FluoroCycle scheme

  • Promote lamp recycling and the FluoroCycle scheme to its clients and networks

  • Perform the activities set out in our Action Plan submitted with the Application for Signatory status

  • Adhere to the Signatory commitments set out in the FluoroCycle Guidelines and the Signatory Guide to FluoroCycle Branding

  • Adhere to the Signatory commitments set out in the FluoroCycle Guidelines and the Signatory Guide to FluoroCycle Branding

  • Provide annual updates of the Action Plan to accompany the Annual Statement of Compliance.

  • Cooperate with surveys that are undertaken from time to time, and with random or risk-based audits, as instigated by the Administrator

Commitments that relate to audits

As one of our commitments, We are required to cooperate with audits that will be undertaken in reasonable business hours and after reasonable notice.

The Administrator of FlouroCycle may undertake random or risk based audits of the activities of Signatories to ensure compliance with commitments to FluoroCycle.

Why Recycle our Fluoro Lights?

Australian standards mandate that compact fluorescents CFLs contain no more than 5mg of mercury and a fluorescent tube cannot contain more than 15mg.

The risk of mercury poisoning even when a CFL or fluorescent tube is broken indoors is extremely low.

It is the accumulation of mercury in landfill across Australia that is a cause for concern across the wider environment. Currently it is estimated that 95% of mercury-containing lamps are sent to landfill in Australia.

Mercury in landfill converts to the toxic methylmercury and spreads through the wider environment through air, water and soil

For more information about the FlouroCycle Scheme click the link below


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