Unparalleled Asset Management

Our Online dashboard exceeds customers’ expectations

With the development and commitment to provide our customers with an experience to view their assets online – the overall reviews have been fantastic.

With the direction of our industry for customers to have a High Transparency and ease to Use from their contractors we felt we wanted to lead the way in developing a system that provides both.

Our new Free online dashboard has exceeded this – allowing our customers to review download and manage their compliance from a single portal.

Knowing that this release is our first – we are keen to see what this type of access can provide to all.

If you are one of our customers and would like access to your Data – Register Now

The response has been fantastic with comments like:

  • “It is definitely a really useful tool. Good investment, both Lynn and I love using it” – Vic Council
  • “It’s saved me so much time to produce detailed reports”- Vic Council
  • Thanks for access to the Adapt dashboard, which gives a really good insight into Our building’s compliance. Part of my role in the Council revolves around data capture, GIS mapping, and reporting building data. I particularly like the ability to view plans with reference to the services, with a clear link to compliance levels.