Adapt Essential Services was called out on a weekend to investigate a pavilion that had no power.

Underground Cable Fault Repaired

  • Upon investigation, we found that there was a short in the mains of the building, causing the circuit breaker to trip.
  • As there were no existing plans of the underground cables on site, we used an underground cable locator to trace the cable and determine the fault location.
  • In order to access the damaged cable, we had to remove the concrete path and excavate the area.
  • After exposing the cable, we could clearly see that it had been damaged during a recent upgrade to the building.
  • Instead of addressing the error, it appeared that the cable had been reburied without any attempt at repair.
  • We repaired the damaged section of the cable and then reinstated the soil and concrete.
It is worth noting that the cost of repairing the damage at the time it occurred would have been significantly cheaper than the cost of addressing it once it had developed into a major issue.