AS2293.2 : 2019 Visual Inspection

States under 1.4.14.Survey

Visual inspection, typically from floor level, to identify if the emergency lighting or exit sign system has been adversely altered, damaged or compromised by changes in the occupancy, environment, construction or building.

So a Visual inspection is indeed crucial for emergency and exit lighting systems because computer systems cannot detect all possible malfunctions or issues.

While computer systems may provide monitoring and reporting capabilities for these systems, they still rely on human observation to identify physical defects or signs of malfunction that may not be apparent to a computer.

Visual inspection allows for the assessment of physical conditions, such as broken or damaged components, improper installation, and signs of wear.

It also enables the checking of the functionality of  signs, and other critical elements of emergency and exit lighting systems.

Therefore, visual inspection complements computer systems by providing a human touch to ensure the safety and proper functioning of these essential systems.

During a recent audit, several visual faults were identified, which the computer system was unable to detect due to its limitations in detecting non-compliant issues.

This audit unearthed a range of visual anomalies that could potentially impact the overall compliance of the site.

The discovery of these visual faults shed light on the inadequacies of the computer system alone in effectively detecting non-compliant issues.

Despite its sophisticated capabilities in certain areas, the system proved to be ill-equipped when it came to visually identifying faults that deviated from established standards.

Another area in which the computer system fell short was in detecting design elements that did not conform to regulatory requirements.

The audit uncovered instances of non-compliant layouts that could compromise compliance.

These deviations, although visually apparent to the auditors, went unnoticed by the computer system’s checks.

Overall, the recent audit highlighted the limitations of the computer system in detecting visual faults that could impact compliance.

While the system excelled in certain areas of its functionality, the inability to identify non-compliant issues visually is a significant shortcoming.

Addressing these limitations will be crucial in ensuring that the system operates within established compliance guidelines and meets user expectations.

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