Our Emergency Lighting System

Adapt Essential Services Pty Ltd was created to bring merge of Old fashioned quality of service and combine it with new technology for providing customer focussed reports and schedules. With features that no other company has we are able to bring a cost-effective approach to a once-overpriced labour sum task. Adapt Essential Services Pty Ltd addresses the frustration experienced by millions of FMs who require their information with easy access.

The Problem

Most Facility Managers (FMs) have a need to maintain a service to the highest standard but at a cost-effective price. Previously most of the services are managed with an onsite manual logbook that gets handwritten, noted locally, and once lost provides much heartache and cost to replace. These alone are a major concern and then combine with the reality of knowing critical information about each asset ie: Location (west stairwell in the northwest corner of level 3) makes it hard for the FMs to fully understand the situation of their sites.

The Solution

Intro to Facilities Organizer

Introducing Facilities Organizer  For Servicing Emergency Lighting, Adapt has developed a unique system that manages the data and servicing requirements providing FM’s with Documentation and reports beyond the standards in our industry. Combine this with our secure online document  management system and you have an integrated one-stop system that gives the FMs all the information required to maintain compliance 24/7. All this is achieved at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • A system dedicated to Emergency Lighting Compliance
  • Easy to read and understand reports
  • Plans providing the location of each asset
  • All work is scheduled (we call you to arrange it)
  • Documentation is available 24/7 online
  • Proven track record managing over 50 thousand EL Assets a year.
  • All logbooks can be replaced in an instant at no cost. (downloaded from the website)
  • Secured off-site backup (Data is never lost)
  • Very affordable

System Development

Don’t be fooled by its simplistic handling as nearly 20 years of research and development has gone into making this the best Emergency Lighting Management tool in the industry. The research involved a Paper prototype version back in the early 1990s which provided some valuable customer feedback to the direction and approach. Then when technology advanced enough we saw the advantage of our second stage of development (Database capturing).

This first started with a Microsoft access-based tool that although gave the essence of where we were heading it was not the total solution. Finally came the next stage in evolution in the mid-2000s and that was contracting a programming company to develop a tool based on all our previous experience scope and research and take it to the next step. Although the initial cost was great it gave us the tool we see now that allows all FMs in the industry peace of mind that their Emergency lighting service will be done right the first time and compliant.

Our Market approach

Adapt Essential Services Pty Ltd works closely with all FM’s as in what we call a partnership that has allowed us to focus on the People and organizations that are committed to compliance in this field. Our system is recognized throughout the industry in all Government and Private Sectors. We develop and skill our staff with the right tools and knowledge that allows us to consistently grow throughout this industry without the issues that most companies face with staff.

We strive for the right Clients, Staff, Management, and Systems.

Data Capture and Management

Successfully maintaining compliance can only be achieved by capturing the data correctly the first time, This must then be uploaded into the system and complimented with a stringent set of processes allowing us to manage and maintain all future service requirements with precise detail. We take the stress out of not knowing and give FMs back the power to do what they do best.

Management Team

Adapt Essential Services Pty Ltd was founded by Peter Hartmann (Managing Director) who has over 20 Years of experience in this industry, he has already recruited an experienced team of advisors, managers, and staff.

Harris Woodhouse Our Service manager is a fully qualified Electrician with vast experience in the FM industry including many diplomas with recent experience in managing Health Sectors for Various companies he also has valuable knowledge in Government sectors through his role as FM with such companies as Jones Lang Lassalle.

Scott McIntosh  Our Senior Service Advisor in Emergency Lighting, Scott has worked his way up in the industry starting out at the bottom and through pure commitment and passion has developed knowledge in the industry that is second to none.

Office Staff  Our Office team is led by Melinda with the backup of various Quality, Drafting, and Admin staff provides a key ingredient to a successful organization.

Service Staff  Our team is a combination of Electricians / Apprentices / Auditors – Our long-term commitment is shown with staff that have over 10 years of employment in our company showing stability.

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